What kind of church should be seeking a Church Health Assessment? A typical church – one that is wanting to see improvement in the fulfillment of its mission. It may be a church that is growing but not to its potential. It may be a church that has plateaued or is in decline. It may be a church that is looking for renewed vision or direction. It may be a church where visitors don’t connect and become active participants. It may be a church where unbelievers are not coming to faith in Jesus on a regular basis. Most churches have room for improved health. That’s typical.

This assessment begins with a face-to-face consultation. Based on that consultation, ChurchHealth180 will recommend how to best measure the health of your church. One tool that we frequently use is NCD (Natural Church Development). This highly respected assessment tool will accurately measure eight categories of church life and determine the “Minimum Factor”. Based on this information, and guided by the coaching of ChurchHealth180, your church will develop and implement a strategic action plan to raise the Minimum Factor and significantly improve the overall health of your church.

When a church uses NCD as an assessment tool, ChurchHealth180 will enter into a coaching relationship with the church over the course of many months. The church will conduct a formal survey of 30 key individuals within the church, receive a detailed report/analysis of the results, and personal coaching from ChurchHealth180. Coaching will include on-site visits as well as regular contact throughout the process. During the initial consultation you can choose from a number of options involving length of process, number of coaching visits and overall costs for your church.

NCD is simply one tool available. During the initial consultation we will determine if other tools, or a more customized approach would be better suited for your situation. Each church, each leader and each situation is unique and so we avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Here at ChurchHealth180 we first listen to you, gain understanding of your uniqueness and your needs, and then make informed recommendations on how best to measure the health of your church and how best to move toward improved health.

If you are interested in pursuing a Church Health Assessment, or would like further information, please contact ChurchHealth180.