It has been said, “There’s no second chance to make a first impression”. What visitors experience within the first eight minutes of visiting your church will in large part determine whether they will return. First impressions are more powerful than one may think and are deserving of our attention as we seek to create a healthy church environment.

Would you like the opportunity to look at your church and ministry through the eyes of a first-time visitor? A FIRST IMPRESSIONS AUDIT will provide you this opportunity. Upon your request, Dr. Steve will randomly select a Sunday to visit your church. His visit will not be announced to the congregation and so he will arrive as a typical visitor on a typical Sunday. Within two weeks following this visit, church leaders will receive a written report outlining in detail his observations (first impressions) and a clear set of recommendations for improving the health of the church. This document will become a valuable tool for church leadership in helping them focus attention on things that will make a real difference in the overall effectiveness of ministry.

Please contact ChurchHealth180 if you are interested in scheduling a FIRST IMPRESSIONS AUDIT or would like further information.